Magenta 1 - When Dejo Savićević stops by

Montenegrin Telekom and McCann Podgorica have launched the Magenta 1 service package with an interesting TV ad staring a football legend.



You are comfortably sitting in the family circle. Your loved ones are there. Warm cakes on the plates, and the match on the TV screen is just about to start. And then the doorbell rings. It’s none other than Dejan Savicevic, a football legend to explain some sport terminology conundrums.


Magenta 1 is part of the offer of Crnogorski Telekom, which includes fixed and mobile telephony, TV and the Internet, as well as numerous benefits, all in one account. McCann Podgorica is in charge of promoting the service, and has approached this task with great enthusiasm and a lot of inspiration.


In the latest TV ads for the new Magenta 1 packages, legendary footballer Dejan Savicevic appears on the door of a family who is just about to watch a football match, thanks to a LIVE video, with fresh cakes on the table. In addition to the famous footballer, there are also neighbors and friends, ready to watch the match together over some homemade sweets. “We’ve created a campaign whose main actors are family members who each day use all the benefits of the Magenta 1 package, wanting to show how our modern communication methods make us even more connected with our family members, but also with those who are not. We alluded to the fact that modern communication has the power to ‘expand’ our family and make it easy for family reunions to become a mass event,” said Jelica Jaukovic, director of agency McCann Podgorica.


Your family are all those close to you, with whom you are connected and with whom you want to share your life, and Magenta 1 is a family thing.