To encounter the most prestigious world’s advertising festival Cannes Lions, taking place in Cannes between the 21st and 27th June this year, we present the new promotional campaign.

Surprisingly, the campaign encourages the creatively not so excellent to attend the world's foremost festival of creative excellence. The humorous press and online campaign, aimed at those in leadership roles, features underperforming members of the creative industry. And makes the uncomfortable yet compelling point that, as a genuine investment in creativity, sending underperforming staff as festival delegates to up-skill is

“cheaper than severance”.


Senta Slingerland, Director of Brand Strategy at Cannes Lions, said: “As campaigners for creativity, it’s our aim to celebrate and share great creative that inspires the creative community and its talent to do better and aim higher. We wanted to stress the point that not looking after your talent is a much more expensive exercise than developing it. Investing in creativity will drive your business forward, and coming to Cannes is the perfect way to do that.”

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