Impressions from Conference in Montenegro is one of the largest marketing conferences in Southeast Europe, which plays an important role in developing awareness and knowledge, fostering creativity and entrepreneurship. From year to year, there are an increasing number of interesting speakers and excellent start-up projects, as well as interested visitors. This year’s was also an opportunity to hear globally renowned experts and exchange knowledge and experiences with the conference participants.

Like most participants, we were thrilled to see the inexhaustible energy of the organizer filling the conference room and the most amazing speakers with whom we had a chance to meet and share thoughts and ideas.

Paul Papadimitriou, a digital revolutionary of the business world, motivated the participants through his extremely powerful visual presentation to ask themselves questions of varying difficulty and thus tackle the problems they face in their work.

Brian Solis, a globally recognized analyst, award-winning author, blogger and speaker, gave a different picture of the world of marketing and talked about how to come from scratch to the desired target using psychological and sociological characteristics of people. The data and analyses shown with a view to create a clear picture of the habits of consumers were really impressive.

Scott Morrison, the man whose mission is to use his “Boom!” movement to awaken leaders in million people by 2020 and whose portfolio includes award-winning campaigns for brands like Diesel, Levi’s, Nike, Guitar Hero and Call of Duty, conveyed an important message to the audience that a product can copied but not the culture.

The topic of marketing influencers was addressed by Danica Kambol, CEO of the American marketing agency specializing in social media Everywhere Agency, with the ultimate message that sincerity is what is needed for successful marketing.

As a former MI5 agent and a Snowden before Snowden, Annie Machon, author, journalist and PR consultant, encouraged us to think about and question our daily online habits, drawing attention to the increasingly important issue of privacy. supports the young and talented people with projects that can turn into a dream business in just one day. A team called “Bee and me” had an interesting and totally different interactive digital project of keeping bees and encouraging beekeeping business.

It was good to hear people from different parts of the world and place them in the context of today.

This really lights the spark!

 Marijana Kovačević, Managing Director, Universal Media Podgorica

I was most impressed by Annie Machon, a former employee of the British secret service MI5. She had the insight into the functioning of governments, intelligence agencies and the media in many countries, and based on these findings she is fighting for greater transparency and accountability of both public and private sectors. Annie has become a “whistleblower” which is why she lives in exile. Today, she is a writer and speaker, and the focus of her work and activities is related to the protection of the right to privacy.
Leka Dedivanović, Business Development Director, McCann Podgorica

It was Paul Papadimitrou who left the biggest impression on me. His presentation was supported by a fantastic video presentation and during the lecture he kept returning to the same three questions: “Who are we? Where do we want to be? How do we get there?”
Petra Cvijić, Digital Officer, McCann Podgorica is a fantastic blend of presentations of trends in digital marketing and start-up culture, and some serious problems of today were tackled, such as privacy in the digital world, a topic addressed by Annie Machon.
Maja Sekulić, Social Media Assistant, Universal Media Podgorica

My first visit to conference went better than I expected. A large number of young people who share similar interests and visions were there. I was surprised by the rich biographies of speakers who are globally known and the best in their respective professions.
Jovanović Dušan, Digital Officer, Universal Media Podgorica